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To Aspirin or Not to Aspirin…That is the Question

Most of us who have potential cardiovascular issues are told by our physicians to take a low-dose aspirin every day as a precaution. But now, that long-established advice is being refuted by new clinical studies, as reported broadly in highly respected medical journals and in the news.

Finally Getting It Right – Transitions of Care

Prescriber-to-pharmacist communication — One of the best improvements we’ve experienced is simply including on the face of discharge prescriptions a direct phone number to the hospital’s Emergency Department pharmacist or acute inpatient pharmacy.

Medical marijuana

Marijuana and meds: Time to talk. Private consultations could turn supposed ‘gateway’ drug into ‘new normal’ for improved health.

3 medication dangers

Repeat offenders: what meds are implicated in thousands of adverse drug events and hospitalizations each year? Hint: 2/3 are opioids…