Our vision

The idea for RxLive® was born out of a recognition that today’s retail pharmacy model underserves patients and pharmacists alike. Patients aren’t getting the time and attention they need because pharmacists must focus on dispensing, not counselling. And for most pharmacists, the meaningful patient interaction that fuels their passion is missing.

RxLive offers a platform that connects pharmacists and patients in a secure, private and personal way. At its root, it also connects old and new. It takes the best elements of traditional independent pharmacy — expert patient care, a service mindset and an individual relationship between the pharmacist and the patient — and combines it with the technology-based convenience that today’s consumers expect and demand.

By disconnecting the business model of pharmacy from the dispensing event and identifying consumers who need and value the expert advice they can get from their “personal pharmacist,” RxLive is redefining what the practice of pharmacy looks like.

Join our team

Our hope is that RxLive will become a platform for rekindling your passion for the practice of pharmacy. We provide an opportunity for you to build a patient panel from the comfort of your own home and to deliver the expert clinical care you don’t have time to offer in today’s hectic retail environment. You can choose when and where you work…whether it be during your off-hours from your day job, during your child’s nap time, or late in the evening while you’re sitting on the couch (in a closed and HIPAA secure environment of course)!

Our marketing drives patient volume to the platform during the times our pharmacists are available. Over time, these initial interactions can become a consistent and recurring panel of patients. You’ll be reimbursed for each session that you’re actively counselling on the platform, and pharmacist supply will be strictly managed to ensure a balance between capacity and demand.

To learn more, please review all of our current job openings at https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Rxlive/jobs