Select “Sponsored Consultations” if you were referred by a sponsoring organization like your employer, physician or pharmacy.  Select “Cash Consultations” if you are paying out-of-pocket for the service.





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Cash Consultations: Pick Your Plan



25-30 minute in-depth
discussion – $49.99

Monthly Subscription



How It Works

For patients with a sponsoring entity like your employer, physician or pharmacy, simply select the “Sponsored Consultations” option and follow the prompts.  For new patients without a sponsoring entity, we have two packages: 1) a single in-depth discussion, or 2) a monthly subscription package. Once you have completed your first visit and have a relationship with a pharmacist, you can either purchase additional packages or simply schedule appointments through our convenient portal. In between conversations, you can also communicate directly with your personal pharmacist via our chat feature in our online portal for free.

To get started:

  • Select a package
  • Pick the state you currently live in
  • Pick the best timeslot for your conversation
  • Enter your contact information, and
  • Follow the directions in the confirmation email you receive

You will receive reminder emails and text messages prior to your appointment time.  When it comes time for your appointment, simply follow the links in the reminder email or log on to the web portal using your credentials. You will be asked to fill out a few forms prior to your first visit. The video chat will initialize at the appointment time, or if you selected a phone call as your preferred method of contact, a pharmacist will call you on the number you provided.

Our Pharmacists

Each of our pharmacists has a doctorate in pharmacy (PharmD) from one of the nation’s leading pharmacy schools. They all have years of experience and are up-to-date on the latest trends and advances in medications. We maintain the highest levels of quality by putting each team member through a rigorous clinical review process that includes hours of testing and interviews. Each pharmacist has also passed an extensive series of professional, clinical and legal background checks. In addition to all of this, all of our pharmacists share a passion for serving their patients and advancing the practice of pharmacy.

Plans: More Details

25-30 minute in-depth
discussion – $49.99

Starting on a new medication and want to get a second opinion or simply know all the facts?  Are you or a family member having a hard time managing a complex and confusing drug regimen?  In this package, your personal RxLive pharmacist will take the time to understand your concerns and give you a clinically up-to-date perspective on drug interactions, side effect management and medication adherence strategies.


Perfect for:

  • More detailed questions about your anti-depressants (Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Zoloft) or anti-psychotic medications (Topamax, Keppra, Seroquel)
  • Concerns or questions about your blood pressure regimen (Metoprolol, Lasix/Furosemide, Carvedilol, Losartan)
  • A detailed review of your diabetes medications
  • Understanding how best to manage your hypertension (blood pressure) or hyperlipidemia (cholesterol) medications
  • Persistent and challenging side-effects or suspected drug interaction questions


Monthly Subscription

If you or a loved one are managing a complex chronic disease, having an expert and personal pharmacist as part of your care team can be powerful. After initially reconciling your existing medication regimen to maximize clinical effectiveness and minimize side effects and financial burden, your RxLive pharmacist will work with you on an ongoing basis. They will evaluate any new medications and help you with strategies for medication adherence.  This package includes: 1 in-depth discussion, 2 quick visits, and unlimited chat and text questions each month.


Best for:

  • Complex regimen management and support with 3-5+ different drugs
  • Ongoing support and strategies to manage medication adherence
  • Individuals with constantly changing or new medications