With RxLive, you can fulfill this mandate for free instead of having to deploy scarce CPC+ patient dollars to spend over $100,000 hiring one instead.


Plus, what to do if you’re participating in CPC+ 

In this four-part series, you’ll learn…

  • A scalable alternative to an on-site pharmacist team that will turn your CMM strategy from a cost center to a profit center
  • The nuts and bolts of how it’s done, so everyone wins — patients, providers and administrators
  • An effective quality performance strategy — tried and true so you can move effortlessly from concept to execution
  • CPC+ transformation bonus video: How to implement profitable, scalable and successful CMM initiatives for high satisfaction and concrete results (for CPC+ organizations only)

The complete video library

Get the complimentary video series on how and why to successfully integrate a clinical pharmacist into your organization

Video 1 – How to integrate a clinical pharmacist into your practice for free

Pharmacists are integral to an effective population health strategy. Learn a scalable alternative to an on-site pharmacist team that will turn your CMM strategy from a cost center to a profit center.

Video 2 – A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE to adding a pharmacist to your collaborative care team

Learn best practices for integrating pharmacist teams into provider groups across the country, so that everyone wins the patients, providers and administrators.

Video 3 – QUALITY PERFORMANCE BENEFITS of virtual clinical pharmacists

We’ve evaluated every quality program out there to determine where pharmacists can have the biggest impact. In this video, we teach an effective quality performance strategy, so you can move effortlessly from concept to execution.

Bonus Video for CPC+ Transformation ONLY  Overview on CMM for CPC+ organizations

CPC+ practices are at the vanguard of care-delivery transformation. Learn how we’re partnering with CPC+ mandated organizations across the country to implement profitable, scalable and successful CMM initiatives that deliver high satisfaction and concrete results. (Note: The content in this webinar is extremely valuable and only available to CPC+ mandated professionals.)

Deliver a comprehensive medication management (CMM) program FOR FREE that

  • Improves patient satisfaction
  • Improves retention and patient stickiness
  • Streamlines provider workflow & engagement
  • Fulfills CMM requirements for CPC+

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RxLive provides telehealth pharmacist
counseling that improves med compliance +70%

Because it

  • Saves Rx money

  • Reduces Rx risk

  • Optimizes health

From the privacy and
convenience of home

Integrate a clinical pharmacist in your practice for FREE

Here’s how it works

Look what happens when an RxLive clinical pharmacist is integrated into the patient journey.

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Case study #1

78-year-old woman learns her
meds aren’t duplicated

One of our clinical pharmacists met with a 78-year-old woman to review her meds. The patient had been hospitalized recently for heart problems, her blood pressure wasn’t at goal, and she was unclear which meds she was supposed to be taking. Our pharmacist discovered the patient had stopped taking her amlodipine for BP because she thought she didn’t need it. She counseled about the use and need of amlodipine, convincing the patient to restart taking the medicine.

Case study #2

77-year-old man reduces risk of
painful gout flare-ups

An RxLive clinical pharmacist met with a 77-year-old man with a history of high blood pressure, kidney stones, gout, knee pain, and a new diagnosis of diabetes. He was concerned about several recent gout flares. Our pharmacist noted that the diuretic HCTZ he was taking for his high BP could be contributing to these flares and may also increase the risk of kidney stones. The patient agreed to a trial of an alternative medication, lisinopril, which has the added benefit of kidney protection.

We work with progressive healthcare organizations, employers and payers to integrate clinical pharmacists into the collaborative care team process.

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Everyone benefits

Everyone benefits


  • Lower drug costs

  • Less hassle

  • Fewer side effects


  • Tailored collaboration

  • Mitigated risk

  • Zero net cost


  • Reduced waste

  • Improved patient satisfaction scores

  • Drives quality performances


  • Optimized drug spend

  • Managed specialty med usage

  • Improved satisfaction, lowered absenteeism

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