With RxLive, get private, one-on-one medication review sessions with a licensed clinical pharmacist

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How it works

On the date and time of your scheduled appointment, you will receive a call or video chat from your RxLive® clinical pharmacist. Our initial consultation is just $29.99. During the discussion, you’ll review:


Cost saved

Average annual drug cost savings per patient after speaking with an RxLive pharmacist



Reduction in inappropriate drug use after speaking with a pharmacist


Decreased hospitalization risk

Decrease in hospital admissions rate per year after speaking with an RxLive pharmacist

Patient Benefits

But hasn’t my doctor already reviewed all of this?

Doctors are medical experts who provide diagnoses and recommend interventions to keep people in their best possible health. Medication regimens can quickly become complex and costly. RxLive provides specialized care in this area.

Our services put you in the driver’s seat by providing a personalized pharmacist to review your medications. We’ll pair you with a clinical pharmacist who will carefully take time to review your prescriptions and discuss potential side effects, negative interactions, and ways to help you save money.

A written summary of the appointment is provided for you to take back to your providers. Our services allow you to connect with our pharmacists by phone or video chat so you can stay in the comfort of your own home!

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The statements are representative of real patient experiences but exact results and experience will be unique to each patient and are not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

It’s good to check your meds!™ RxLive makes the process simple, private and convenient.