Online casino game rules

  Passionate about casinos? Online casinos are the best places to indulge in this passion. In addition to being fun, everyone finds their account on online casinos. But, to indulge as much as possible in this game, you must first know the rules of the game. Indeed, some bad losers do not respect the rules and enter into disputes with other players, or even the person in charge of the casino. So, before venturing into this lively adventure, why not consider the following rules?

Be 18: the legal age to play in an online casino

Admittedly, this rule is logical, but it deserves to be recalled. Indeed, most online casinos in Europe do not allow the registration of a minor player. Incidentally, land-based casinos also take this rule into consideration. Begin your own way in gambling at However, if a minor decides to register, no one will be able to prevent it, but he will not have the right to take his winnings without a justification of majority. So, to avoid this problem and this unnecessary loss of money, it would be better to wait until the majority before enjoying an online casino.

Use own identity during registration

Some players tend to use the identity of another person, especially that of a friend or relative, to hide that they are minors or banned from the casino. However, all players must prove their identity, by sending a copy of their identity card or passport. Furthermore, it is important to point out that online casinos use techniques to prevent fraud. A tip: be yourself and keep your identity on an online casino.

Avoid creating many player accounts on an online casino platform

Although many players want to enjoy the online casino system, including registration bonuses. It is strictly forbidden to design two or more accounts on an online casino site and to play there in parallel. This process is totally against the rule of casinos. Moreover, online casinos know very well the connection between two accounts, via IP addresses.

Use own means of payment

It is strictly forbidden to use the means of payment of another person, even if this person is your spouse or parent. Thus, in the case of deposit by credit card, the latter must correspond to the name and surname of the player. Moreover, some casinos ask for a copy of the card, to prove that it really belongs to the player. In case the player does not want to cooperate, he will not be paid and his account will be closed.

Respect online casinos

The final rule concerns respect for the online casino, including respect for the gaming system and customer service agents. To this end, some practices are prohibited in online casinos. For roulette, for example, the use of the martingale is prohibited, which may cause the closure of the player account. Finally, each player must also respect the agents and must contain their anger and temper.