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The RxLive® program addresses quality performance across multiple HEDIS measures. But unlike most pharmacy programs, the pharmacist intervention is executed in collaboration and fully integrated into the provider’s workflow and systems. Doing so transforms pharmacy engagement from a “check-the-box” quality activity to fully integrated clinical care that delivers real and substantial clinical outcomes, improves patient satisfaction, and lowers total cost of care.


Better compliance

Increase in medication compliance from speaking with a pharmacist


Decrease in hospital admissions

Decrease hospital admissions per year after speaking with an RxLive pharmacist


Decrease in readmissions

Decrease 30-day hospital readmissions per year after speaking with an RxLive pharmacist

Payer Implementation

How it works

Although RxLive tailors the workflow to suit the needs of each organization, here is an example standard procedure when working with a payer.

Patient selection

Clinical registry development that incorporates existing payer gaps in care, HEDIS objectives, adherence and star goals.


Patients are then invited to meet with the clinical pharmacist in a way that maximizes provider engagement.


RxLive® pharmacists are exposed to all payer quality objectives as part of their pre-work, and can address them holistically during the comprehensive medication management session (CMM).


After the CMM, the patient receives a Medicare-approved comprehensive medication review document (CMR) and the results are uploaded directly into the provider’s electronic health record for the patient.

Recommendation implementation

Patient and provider meet face-to-face to review pharmacist recommendations. The provider executes on any drug changes that a) lower financial burdens for payer/patient, b) address behavioral issues related to compliance and c) close any clinical gaps and optimize the regimen.


RxLive then monitors patient pharmacy behavior over time and re-engages per clinical protocol or if medication adherence drops meaningfully.

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