Scale and simplify your value-based pharmacy program

Health systems

Take a comprehensive approach to value-based care

Seamlessly integrate a tech-enabled population health pharmacy solution into your existing care model to reach the right patients at the right time, streamline communications between patients and providers, and achieve better outcomes.


Streamline transitions of care with population health pharmacy

Care transitions are difficult in the best of times. In an era of unprecedented provider burnout, staffing shortages, and multiple ongoing public health crises, they can feel nearly impossible to manage. A population health pharmacy strategy can help streamline care transitions and prevent readmissions at scale.


Telehealth services

RxLive® is a personalized telehealth service that connects patients and expert clinical pharmacists in a secure, private and convenient way.

Whether you’re a provider, payer or employer, RxLive can integrate clinical pharmacists into your collaborative care team to help lower patients’ drug spending and improve their health.

Our telehealth programs include:


Next-generation clinical pharmacy software with My.RxLive®

RxLive’s groundbreaking technology platform, My.RxLive, can be used by organizations looking to implement or scale their own value-based pharmacy or pharmacy telehealth programs.

The platform includes:


Use analytics
with greater insight

Are you looking to leverage more information than what just claims data can supply? RxLive is building an ever-expanding data library.

Our library maps the root causes of medical nonadherence by drug, drug complexity, the patient’s age and other demographics, disease burden and many other factors.

Our data-collection engine can also supplement real-world evidence with a deeper understanding of dosage calibration, adverse events, and potential label extension.

Our prescription monitoring service alerts providers in real time when patients are non-adherent, or haven’t picked up their newly prescribed medications.

Let’s work together to scale
your value-based pharmacy program.