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RxLive is a personalized telehealth service that connects patients and expert clinical pharmacists in a secure, private and convenient way.

Patients will learn ways to make their medication regimen more efficient and effective, save money and avoid side effects and potential medication interactions.

It’s good to check your meds and RxLive makes it easy, private and convenient for everyone patients, providers, employers and payers.

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Everyone benefits

Did you know?

70% of American adults take at least one prescription, battling inconvenience, costs and even complications associated with long-term medication use

Over 2 million serious adverse drug reactions are reported each year

Adverse drug reactions are the 4th-leading cause of death in the U.S.

23% of the time, Americans overpay for prescription meds

Most providers recommend their patients have a regular check-in with a clinical pharmacist for a fresh look at their medications. In these sessions, pharmacists can help patients save money, avoid unnecessary side effects and adverse events, eliminate prescriptions, and improve adherence. Medicare, many state Medicaid programs, employers and commercial insurance plans cover this important service, making it easy for patients to take advantage of the health and financial benefits!

Benefits of RxLive for providers:

RxLive helps you:

  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Increase patient retention
  • Differentiate your services
  • Decrease administrative effort
  • Implement medication adherence programs
  • Improve your quality scores

Have you ever had a patient who takes prescription medications tell you . . .

  • They missed a dose?
  • Their prescription interacted with their food and nutritional supplements?
  • They experienced side effects as a result of the medication?
  • They have questions about the effectiveness of the medication?
  • They didn’t know the time of day they take a dose can affect their medication’s efficacy?
  • They don’t know why it’s best to take their prescriptions either with or without food?

Did you know that many Americans (23%) overpay for their prescription medications?

Our clinical pharmacists solve these problems . . .

Benefits of a medication review for patients:

  • We teach patients effective dosing and adherence strategies
  • We save providers and patients money with regimen simplification and identifying less-costly alternatives
  • We reduce the risk of dangerous drug interactions
  • We safeguard against medication errors
  • We give timely, convenient screening reminders
  • We enable patients to create a relationship with a personal pharmacist

Provider organizations

RxLive helps provider organizations across multiple specialties and settings deliver value by integrating clinical pharmacists into the collaborative care team with little up-front capital and at a zero net cost. Whether you’re participating in an advanced alternative payment model (APM) such as a CPC+ or PCMH or are simply looking to improve patient-centric care and quality performance, RxLive delivers a personalized medication counseling experience benefiting both patients and providers. RxLive’s clinical pharmacists are also a valuable resource for providers who manage complex regimens that include medications outside of their core specialty.

Personalized medication counseling
  • Identify and address barriers to medication adherence
  • Reduce costs for both patient and plan sponsor through regimen simplification and proposing less-expensive alternatives
  • Reduce risk of dangerous drug interactions
  • Safeguard against medication errors
  • Identify potentially inappropriate medications, especially among older adults
  • Assess health literacy and identify potential social barriers to optimum health
Advanced alternative payment model support
  • Ensure evidence-based prescribing
  • Improve medication adherence
  • Coordinate medication use across the care continuum
Pharmacogenomic counseling for providers and patients
  • Access to a network of labs experienced in PGx testing
  • Highly skilled analysis of complex PGx data and patient registries
  • Provider consultations that aggregate recommendations, efficiently triaging patients requiring therapeutic changes
  • Educate patients and share their PGx-based recommendations in follow-up medication consultations

An RxLive expert clinical pharmacist met with a 75-year-old male to discuss his pharmacogenetic results. His test revealed he was an ultra-rapid metabolizer of his Brilinta, putting him at risk of having a blood clot. She recommended a switch to daily doses of both clopidogrel 75 mg and aspirin 81 mg, which would work better and save him about $40 per month

One of our clinical pharmacists worked with a 64-year-old man with COPD who’d been written a prescription for an expensive, brand-name inhaler he couldn’t afford. The drug wasn’t preferred by his plan and he had a large out-of-pocket deductible, resulting in a $400 cost. His RxLive personal pharmacist recommended an alternative product containing the same active ingredients but slightly different strength, with a plan price of $120. Then she also found a manufacturer coupon, bringing the price down to $10 and saving him $390!

A member of our clinical pharmacy team met with a 71-year-old woman with a 10-year history of diabetes. The patient was having difficulty complying with the medication schedule as prescribed because she often skipped meals and slept in late. These factors caused her to miss her morning meds and worsen her blood sugar control. Our pharmacist suggested switching her twice-daily carvedilol for BP to a long-acting, once-daily form. She also recommended switching the patient’s glipizide for diabetes to the long-acting, once-daily form to be taken with her evening meal.

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