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Value-Based Pharmacy

Integrating clinical pharmacists into the healthcare team creates significant financial and clinical value. Implementing and maximizing this value is a discipline we call Value‑Based Pharmacy™.

Core to our approach is the direct collaboration between providers and pharmacists to better serve patients. Cumulatively, our offerings help reduce drug costs, decrease hospital admissions and readmissions, and improve quality performance. RxLive® is redefining the practice of value-based pharmacy.
Did you know?

Partnering with value‑based delivery organizations, we have delivered:


Reduction in hospital


Reduction in 30‑day hospital


ROI in drug spending and medical cost reduction


Connect with a virtual pharmacist from the comfort of your own home to ensure you’re doing well on your medications and aren’t overspending on drugs.


Build or scale a clinical pharmacy function that addresses quality goals, improves bottom-line performance and drives clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.


With our approach, you can expect to decrease your employee medication spending and improve member satisfaction.


Accelerate beyond MTM to a pharmacy program that helps deliver both quality performance and reduces total cost of care.

What we do

RxLive offers the following
value-based pharmacy solutions


Our telehealth services help organizations transform their approach to complex medication management in self-insured, fee-for-service or emerging value-based reimbursement models.


Our software ( helps support and accelerate the performance of existing pharmacy teams practicing value-based pharmacy.


Our analytics offerings ( help provide transparency, clarity and insight to target the right pharmacist-led interventions to the right patients at the right time.

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