70% of American adults take at least 1 prescription

…plus over-the-counter meds and supplements, adding to the inconvenience, costs and even complications associated with taking medications.

More than 50% of patients don’t follow their treatment plans…including taking their meds.

23% of the time, Americans overpay
for prescription medications.

But now…

With RxLive, you can get a private, one-on-one, medication review session with a clinical pharmacist.

Did you know?

Many people are eligible for annual or monthly reviews yet only 15% to 30% ever take advantage of it?

RxLive® has made it simple for you to optimize your prescription medication for ease, safety, savings, adherence and…well…to get the health benefits you’re looking for.

But hasn’t my doctor already reviewed all of this?

While doctors are medical experts, providing diagnoses and recommending interventions to keep people healthy, they can hardly help navigate the fluctuating costs of your prescriptions.

So your doctor’s office recommends an annual or monthly medication review with a clinical pharmacist for a fresh look at your medications, how you use them, tips on making the most of your prescriptions, and even cost-saving strategies.

“My RxLive session far exceeded my expectations. I plan to act on several of the items we discussed.”

   — Dave Lorenzen, Grants Pass, OR (see his video)

How is the cost of a medication review covered?

Many insurance plans cover the cost of annual and monthly medication reviews with a clinical pharmacist to help better:

  • Understand the reasons for your medications
  • Avoid dangerous drug interactions
  • Remember dosing and refills
  • Reduce the risk of side effects
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your prescription medications
  • And navigate out-of-pocket expenses, with patient-assistance programs or even recommend more-affordable medication

Research shows that most people are unlikely to spend time with a retail pharmacist because the interaction is very transactional and not conducted in a private or convenient environment.

RxLive provides a 30-minute one-on-one live video or phone consultation with a clinical pharmacist from the comfort of your home (or other convenient location of your choice).

How it works

From the convenience and privacy of your own home, you’ll collaborate and have an in-depth conversation with your own “personal” clinical pharmacist.  During the discussion, you’ll review: 

  • Your complete medication lists, including over-the-counter & supplements
  • Adherence to medication
  • Cost-savings opportunities
  • Ideas, concerns and goals related to your optimal health
  • And more

To book an appointment:

1. Simply call the RxLive phone number (866-234-4974) to schedule an appointment.

2. Choose a date and time. You’ll receive reminder emails and/or texts to confirm your appointment.

3. Complete a few short pre-appointment forms.

What to do at appointment time:

1. At the appointment time and date, connect a few minutes early by clicking the link from your email and test your camera, microphone and speakers, or

2. You can also call the number provided using your telephone.

3. Meet your personal pharmacist and complete your appointment from the comfort of your home or other location convenient to you.

Learn ways to make your medication regimen more efficient and effective, ways to save money, and ways to avoid side effects and potential medication interactions.

It’s good to check
your meds!

...and RxLive makes the process
simple, private & convenient.

or call 866-234-4974