Value Expansion: Better patient outcomes through pharmacy interoperability

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Empowering seamless communication and data exchange among healthcare providers is critical for reaching the right patients at the right time – and achieving positive patient outcomes. And with clinical pharmacists increasingly relied on to deliver proactive, patient-centered care, pharmacy interoperability is a crucial part of today’s healthcare landscape. 

In this third edition of our Value Expansion webinar series, pharmacy leader Kim Boyd explores  how data interoperability – and the tasks it powers, from prior authorization requests to medication history reviews to notifying prescribers of a patient’s prescription status – helps networks drive better health care standards. 

Tune in to learn how to…

    • Streamline information management at every step along the healthcare journey.

    • Synchronize data-supported protocols to increase impactability.

    • Improve patient experiences through pharmacist-led telehealth interventions.

    • Integrate clinical and financial data to deliver value-based, population-level outcomes.

    • Eliminate information silos between providers.

Watch this webinar now

Note: This webinar is in our Value Expansion series. Each event will apply a tactical lens to how Pharmacy enhances and supports value-based care. 

Kristen Engelen, PharmD
Kristen Engelen, PharmD, is the chief pharmacy officer of RxLive and a certified consultant pharmacist; she has over a decade of experience in retail pharmacy settings. Kristen became an RxLive co-founder because of her passion for geriatric pharmacy, with a focus on the intersection of pharmacy and aging.