Value Expansion: Strategies for Pharmacy 

The facts are clear: the impactability of clinical pharmacists is more important than ever.

Need proof? A recent study of the primary care space shows it would take 27 hours a day for providers to deliver guideline-based care.

In this webinar, Lynn Eschenbacher draws on her vast experience as a pharmacy leader to explore the dynamic value of pharmacy – and share her vision for expanding pharmacy’s role throughout the continuum of care.

Tune in to learn how to…

  • Redefine the role of pharmacy in your delivery of care.
  • Adopt digital health technology to unlock the full power of pharmacists’ expertise.
  • Support the ongoing therapeutic engagement of patients beyond the four walls of the hospital, including expanding at-home care.
  • Leverage measurable opportunities to impact clinical and financial keys to improving quality performance.
  • Achieve the quadruple aim of better outcomes, improved patient experiences, improved clinician experiences, and increased revenue at all points across the continuum of care.

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Note: This webinar is the first in our Value Expansion series. Each event will apply a tactical lens to how Pharmacy enhances and supports value-based care. 

Kristen Engelen, PharmD
Kristen Engelen, PharmD, is the chief pharmacy officer of RxLive and a certified consultant pharmacist; she has over a decade of experience in retail pharmacy settings. Kristen became an RxLive co-founder because of her passion for geriatric pharmacy, with a focus on the intersection of pharmacy and aging.